Materials: Plastic v glass

I was recently looking through some jewellery that was left me by my nan, the one thing that struck me was that all the beaded jewellery that was still in really good shape was made from glass beads and crystals.  The tatty stuff was the plastic beads and bangles.

Even though I make lots of my own jewellery, I am always on the hunt for something different from the shops, however it always disappointing when I see so much beaded jewellery made from plastic.  Now I know that there are times when plastic is better, children’s jewellery for example, but surely it isn’t just me that’s fed up of buying plastic jewellery only to find it breaking, getting scratched or fading after owning it for a short time?

Plastic jewellery never feels the same, it’s far too light for a start so it never seems to sit correctly and always looks, well, cheap.  Also it doesn’t take long for it to get scratched or faded or look dated.

I think the biggest factor is price.  In our throwaway society, the high street wants to sell lots of cheap jewellery expecting it to only last the customer through the current seasonal trend. If they started using proper materials then they couldn’t make such huge mark-ups and consumers wouldn’t need to buy so much!

That’s why we only ever use glass crystals and pearls or resin beads in our jewellery, we want your jewellery to stay looking as bright as the day you bought it!


Handmade all the way!!

It was certainly interesting to read that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned a series of Louis Vuitton print ads ruling that they suggest that Louis Vuitton products are handmade when they aren’t. (

This just goes to show how people’s shopping habits are changing as consumers realise that thanks to online shopping websites such as “folksy” and “etsy” the world really is their oyster when it comes to shopping!
The variety of high quality hand made products in a “cottage industry” style in the UK is absolutely staggering. It also should be noted that as the consumer isn’t paying for the big business and shareholders, the items tend to be really good value for money!

So please keep buying handmade in the UK, and start now if you haven’t before!  You will be doing your bit to help the UK economy and it’ll help reduce your carbon footprint too!


Welcome to Apuela Beaded Jewellery!

Good Afternoon to you all.  This is the blog site for  The main aim of us setting up this blog is that I spend a lot of time looking through some wonderful websites from some very talented entrepreneurs in the UK making and selling some fantastic wares and so the aim of my blogs is to update the world on a regular basis of the wonderfull items I have found so far… sometimes it may be a website, or a particular product, or a particular bit of information or a mix of all of them, washed down with some unashamed plugging of my own new products.  I hope you enjoy the blogs, if you have any comments please don’t hesitate to say your piece!

Speak soon x